Linux user vs Windows user – Top 10

 Linux User vs Windows User

This is a topic I see everywhere on memes and the internet that some say Linux is good some say windows is good. So we are writing our views based on our experience. Might be your views different so you can tell in the comment section.

Desktop Users 

In this section user who uses laptop or desktop at home , school and office


Windows User

Linux User


Use for everything

Use for learning


Work or use Applications

Use to create application


Do not know how OS work

Have good knowledge of OS


Use only 20 % feature of windows

Use or once check all features of Linux


Good knowledge of how to work on applications

Not know much about applications


Do not know how to build apps

Know how to build apps


Mostly are common users or provided by the office

Mostly are professionals or developers


Go with the trend and latest OS

Check their requirement then upgrade


Good at visualization

Not so good at visualization


Hobbits use for entertainment and photoshop

Hobbits use for learning ethical hacking and develop the application


Server Admins or user 

In this section Admin who manages server sin datacenter or any Offices


Windows Admin

Linux Admin


Know Windows Basic features

Know Linux all features including how to change or create new


For any OS related issue log case with Microsoft

Mostly solve by themselves, rarely log cases


Work on licensed Applications mostly

Work on the open-source application mostly


Mostly manage Microsoft Products

50 % ratio between the OS provider and other products


Mostly time spend in security fix and patch update

Due to basic feature and less attack, less time spend on security


Always handle the same type of request everyday

Everyday face at least a new issue due to customer experiments


Windows admin never uses PowerShell. There is a separate department for them to create scripts or automate

Linux admin must use the shell script mandatory and python also if required by the company


Rarely or never check port or change ports of the application

On every application install have to check the port and if required then need to change


Only use a few commands to manage system

Use all command to manage system


Do not know how to manage work on Linux

Mostly admin know how to work on Windows

These are some basic difference we have seen in windows and Linux users let me know. What are your experiences with it?

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