22 Linux commands that every Linux user should know worth

22 Linux commands that every Linux user should know worth


If you are working in IT ,data scientist or just an Linux user, basic Linux command is necessary for you . If you know basic your Linux admin task or if you are a developer or data scientist your job will be very easy .

In this post we will go through with 22 useful command which we use in our daily work .

22 Linux commands


This command help you to view the content of file . This will show entire content of file .


If you want to see the content line by line from a big file use less instead of cat.


It will show the top 10 line from a file. In case you want to see the older files written in logs or heading from a file


It will show you last 10 lines of file . This command is useful to see new generated logs or what last code written in file .


This command will show you your present working directory. Basically your folder path where you are currently working.


This is most used command in Linux to check content of directory and permission of files.


In case you forgot your password or if you want to change password . This command will help you to change password. In technical term it will write your password in shadow file.


Such a great command this will let you know what is command history. Every command you run will store and show from this command .


Want to check some specific words use grep command this will show if file contains certain words or not . This will show only those lines which has your search words.


This command will compress and decompress files , Mostly cases we get files in compress or if we want to send file compress is required . This command will do it for you .


Want to check difference of two files just use this command .


This command is very useful if you are using Linux. This will show all process active sleep or zombie. This will show you PID of process.


This command is use to terminate any unwanted process . Use PID for this which you get from ps command.


Ohh you have to work on your Linux machine remotely use ssh . This will provide secure connection remotely. This has password , key , token authentication based on your requirements.


This command will show you space available in Linux filesystem. But sometimes some process stuck and this will show space full but actually space is not full . So we use du command for actual space and ps to check stuck process.


This command will show actual space taken by files on drive.


This command use to see RAM usages . Is you are running out of RAM or it just buffered by any useless application


Now you want to copy file from on directory to another directory . This command is used to copy files from one place to another.


This command is used to copy file from one computer to another or one machine to another machine .


This command is use to create a empty file .


This command is use to create directory . Just specify path and name directory created.


If you don’t want to see some files and directory in your system use this command . This command is use to delete .


Hope this article helped you to get better understanding of linux . I would like to recommend you to learn vim if you really want to work on files . This is the article link – How to use vim Editor

Keep Learning and growing !

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