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Linux quiz

Test you Linux knowledge with some pretty good and necessary Linux questions . We have added only those question which you are going to use in your daily task either you are a profession or an just an Linux user .

Linux Knowledge Test

Test your Linux knowledge is a best quiz program of industry level . You will get question which are useful for every Linux user and Admin. Lets begin the test ...


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How to check last 20 lines of a file ?

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How to check kernel version of Linux ?

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How to check present directory path ?

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How to change password of a user in Linux and while changing password input should be visible ?

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Which command to use to add user with uid 2341 ?

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Which command use to download file from internet ?

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How to create symbolic link in Linux ?

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How to resize a LVM size with visible in file system ?

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How to check IP Address in Linux system ?

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How to check volume groups in Linux ?

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How to move file from /root/ folder to /tmp ?

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How to check top 10 lines of a file ?

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Which command use for check logged user details ?

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Change permission of a file to root - read write execute , user - read execute and other execute ?

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How to long list files in a directory ?

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which command is to check blocks and size ?

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How to change password expire of user explinux in 5 days ?

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how to copy file from /etc/ to /home/explinux ?

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Which command use for change timestamp of file ?

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Which directory has sticky bit by default ?

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Linux is an very good option if you are looking a career in a IT industry . As a individual or in PC you can use Linux if you are a geeky person and want to explore.

Linux is Best option for Professionals

If you want to get in IT or CS industry you will have to get interact with Linux in your profession journey. Even you are a developer or you just create a simple webpage . You will have to use Linux if you want to make your work easier.

97 % of cloud is based on Linux and your all favorite applications hosted on Linux , only few of them are on windows which are web based even that also very few. One best part of Linux is which Linux you use in laptop is same Linux function you will find on server. But in case of other OS server distro are different.

About the Quiz

This quiz is completely based on our professional knowledge , which command we daily use in our profession life. We will add more quiz later on specific topics because to add all topics in one quiz is not possible but we can say that if you pass this quiz you have ability to work on Linux systems/servers .

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