We Asked 10 Linux Questions to ChatGPT and We Got Amazing Answers

We Asked 10 Linux Questions to ChatGPT and We Got Amazing Answers

What is ChatGPT

If you are very busy and still did not hear about this internet buzz or you see it but did not actually know what it then we are here to tell you.
ChatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI, it is one of the many AI chatbots of its kind, there are other AI models such as GPT-2 (a predecessor of ChatGPT) developed by OpenAI and other companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM have also developed similar models. Whenever you chat or mail to google or Microsoft every time the chatbot replies to your general queries, only in case of escalation humans are involved.

The inspiration behind the creation of ChatGPT and other AI models like it is to create a machine that can understand and generate human-like text. These models are based on a neural network architecture called the transformer, which has shown to be very effective at natural language processing tasks such as language translation, text summarization, and question answering.

The idea behind creating such models is to make the computer understand human language more efficiently so that it can be used in various industries like customer service, content creation, and more. These models are also being used to improve the accuracy and efficiency of machine learning models in a wide range of applications such as speech recognition, natural language understanding, and others.

Additionally, OpenAI’s goal is to advance AI in a way that is safe for humanity and to provide the most powerful AI technologies to those who will use them to benefit humanity. OpenAI aims to make this available to everyone so that the benefits of AI can be widely distributed.

Who Owns OpenAI?

Elon Musk, Sam Altman,Wojciech Zaremba, Ilya Sutskever,and , Greg Brockman founded OPENAI in 2015 . ELON musk stepped out in 2018 and the current CEO is Sam Altman. The most important event is that Microsoft invested 1 Billion dollars in OpenAI, Maybe in the future, you can see OpenAI features in your Windows Office applications

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We have asked 10 Linux questions to ChatGPT, and let’s see how amazing it’s answered it. Did ChatGPT able to clear the Linux System Admin interview?

10 Questions to ChatGPT

Create a User and the password expire in 60 days.

Create user with ChatGPT

ChatGPT has done good work and is able to give the correct answer to this basic question. So one point to ChatGPT.

How to delete User with home directory?

Delete user with help of chatgpt

ChatGPT again did good work it will help you delete the home directory of a user with the user account in Linux. For this question, you don’t need to go to StackOverflow. One point to this AI chatbot.

How to Troubleshoot SSH issues?

Ohh here we are quite disappointed with ChatGPT’s answer because we all know “systemctl status ssh” will give us an error that ssh. service not found. The correct command is “systemctl status sshd“. We are disappointed because if a person with a beginner level works on this then he could try the second step to install the ssh server and in case ssh is installed he will be quite confused that why it not showing service available . The steps provided by ChatGPT AI is quite basic and maybe if we ask the second time we get other options but we have tried once and in one go we got basic steps.

So in this case 0 points to ChatGPT.

How to formate a 4TB harddisk ?

This is a trick question we have asked here ChatGPT failed to give the right answer. If you get what is wrong in this then congrats you are working on a good data center or Big project. If you are thinking about what is wrong with this then let me tell you above 2TB drive we have to use parted command otherwise you will get the error.

So 0 points to ChatGPT on this trick question.

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how to create 500 GB LVM from 1 TB raw device in RedHat Linux?

Create LVM using chatgpt
Create lvm pvs and vgs using chatgpt

Awesome now as expected we have got out the correct answer from this popular AI chatbot. You can just copy and paste commands to create LVM in Linux just you need to change names as per your device and requirements.

Again ChatGPT has gained 1 more point.

How to extend 16 TB ext4 LVM to 24 TB in Redhat Linux?

Again ChatGPT failed in the trick question if you know then you are a good Linux Engineer. The issue is that we can not increase the ext4 partition by more than 16TB. After 16TB we have to use the xfs partition. So running all those commands will not give you any results.

Zero points to our ChatGPT

How to change all new user’s home directory in /newhome when we create users by default in Redhat Linux?

Create new home for new user using chatgpt

I think ChatGPT is very good at user management, So you can ask any question related to user management and just follow it because we got again the right answer.

One more point to ChatGPT.

Create a bash script to delete files from /tmp folder which is older than 60 days in RedHat Linux.

This is just a simple script but it did a good job. For old system admins who use the “-exec rm -f {} \;” newer versions of the find command introduce -delete. So we can say that ChatGPT knows the new find command.

We have tried a simple bash script you can check with the complex script, if you like this article then we will ask ChatGPT other bash script questions.

We have to give 1 point to ChatGPT

How to restrict the root to delete the specific file?

make file not delete with chatgpt

This time ChatGPT shows us that it is just an AI, we all know we can not restrict root like that this could be possible partially but not 100% secure. The only two ways to restrict root are to change attribute and use SELinux which can also restrict root until the root user figure out what the issue is.

In our case, we will 0 points to ChatGPT. If you want to try and give more points let us know in the comments.

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How to Disable Selinux ?

Create an NFS service dependent on /sanstorage mount point in Redhat Linux.

Nfs server help of chatgpt
NFS server with help of chatgpt with dependency

In this answer, we will give .5 marks to OpeAI chatbot because there are some other methods that we are using to create dependency for NFS and other services. That is correct but anyone can disable this service and start nfsd service.

So .5 for this answer.


The final result for our question answer session of ChatGPT has got 5.5/10.



As we have seen ChatGPT is accurate to do simple and basic level quetions. But when we tried some trick question this AI chatbot is unable to give answers. As per our question answer we see for local user mangement tasks we can just copy paste but for other task we need to rely on our knowledge. For for the level 1 Job you can use ChatGPT with little guidence. ChatGPT is still learning let see when it cross L2 and L3 level.

Hope this will give you a good idea about OpenAI chatbot.

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