How to Install Google Chrome 83 On Rhel 7 / Centos 7 And Dependency Resolution – 2021 Updated

How to Install Google Chrome 83 On Rhel 7 / Centos 7 And Dependency Resolution – 2021 Updated 

How to Install Google Chrome 83 On Rhel 7 / Centos 7 And Dependency Resolution - 2020 Updated

This is an updated tutorial to install Google Chrome on Rhel 7 /Centos. Many of us facing dependencies issues in installing Google Chrome.

Google Chrome is a web browser from Google Chrome available free to use. Chrome is the most popular browser now.

In This Tutorial We Will learn:

  • How to install Google Chrome in RHEL7 /CENTOS 7
  • Resolve dependencies like glibc-common, etc
  • resolve the issue of ” –skip-broken to work around the problem”, “rpm -Va –nofiles –nodigest”
  • Create a local repo with packages 

Our Environment :

RHEL 7.7 but this can work any version of RHEL / CENTOS 7. Rhel 7 yum repository configured.
Rhel 7 /Centos 7

1- Configure Google Chrome Repository 

Create a file name googlechrome.repo in yum.repos.d directory. by the following command :
# vi /etc/yum.repos.d/googlechrome.repo
Do below line entry in the file and save it by :wq! 
Now we have 2 Repository 

We will face issue of dependencies if we install google chrome from yum. So we will create a new repo with dependencies. 

2- Configure dependencies Repository :

  • Create a directory extrarepo 
# mkdir /extrarepo
  • Download below packages from or RedHat Package download page if you have a subscription. We have made simple for you , you can download from the below link also.
Chrome Dependency Package   tar file use 7zip on windows or tar -xzvf filename in Linux to extract 
  • Use any tool, like WinSCP , Filezilla or you can directly download using utility wget to server. Here we have used WinSCP.
  • Install createrepo and run command createrepo /extrarepo . This will create repodata for packages.
# yum install -y createrepo 
# createrepo /extrarepo/

  • Now create another file in /etc/yum,repos.d/Requiredpkg.repo
# vi /etc/yum.repos.d/Requiredpkg.repo
  • Do below lines in file and save from :wq!
name=Google Chrome required Pkg
Now we have 3 repositories and we are ready to install google chrome.

3- Install google chrome :

# yum install google-chrome-stable -y 
This will install google chrome without any error


Check google chrome version by below command :
google-chrome –version

Start google chrome by command :
# google-chrome &
Now at this point you have installed google chrome. Let us know if you face any issues. You can Dm also on our Insta page or use #explinux to ask questions.

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