How To Install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Focal Fossa Server with Screenshots

How To Install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Server

Finally, Canonical Ltd has released Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on April 23, 2020, Thursday. Ubuntu 20.04 has LTS(Long Term Support ) which is based on the latest Linux kernel 5.4. Its version code is Focal Fossa.

New Features of Ubuntu 20.04 

  • Ubuntu has added support for the exFAT filesystem too.
  • It is based on Linux kernel 5.4
  • Now supports a more wide range of CPU which can help ubuntu reach a wide range of devices.
  • It will support raspberry pie for Pi 2B, Pi 3B, Pi 3A+, Pi 3B+, CM3, CM3+, Pi 4B
  • Power saving also improved means it has good resource management.
  • Boot time improved by changing in kernel compression algorithm to lz4. You can expect a speedy boot of your system.
  • Still using netplan for network configuration but in this version, you will get improved netplan in NetworkManager.
  • The filesystem is ZFS 0.8.3.
  • Python version in ubuntu 20.04 is python 3.8.
  • QEMU id upgraded to 4.2 so if you are upgrading from 18.04 or 19 then you need to check the QEMU version first.
  • Libvert 6.0,dpdk,open vSwitch,chrony 3.5,cloud-init 20.1-10,PHP 7.4,Ruby 2.7 has integrated in new ubuntu 20.04 for better perforance.
There are many new features added to Ubuntu 20.04. We have mentioned some important features here.
Steps Of Installation :
Download Ubuntu 20.04 from the official site or we have provided the official link below which is only available for the 64-bit system.

After download, you can create a bootable DVD, pen drive, or directly mount ISO on VMware and ILO or IDRAC of the server.

Install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Server 

1- Once your system is booted with mounted iso or DVD, the welcome screen will show and ask you to choose the language. Press Enter here.

2- On the second screen It will ask for the keyboard layout go to done and press Enter key for the next step.

3- Network Configuration – If your system is connected with the DHCP server then it will automatically take IP address if not then you need to configure the IP address.

Network Configuration Ubuntu 20.04

4- Go to ethernet port and press Enter on this, I will show you option choose Edit IPv4 and press Enter, choose manual and press Enter.

5- Here you have to enter IP in CIDR formate so be careful because in the old system we have enter subnet value but in CIDR format, you can ask from your network team in case of any confusion. Please see the screenshot for reference.

Network Configuration Ubuntu 20.04 CIDR

6- After entering the IP press tab to go to save and press Enter.

7 – Now network configuration has been done. Press Done for the next step.

8- Proxy address if you have a proxy for your network then enter otherwise leave it blank.

9- Configure Ubuntu archive server leave it as it is and press Done.

10- Storage configuration use an entire disk and press tab to move down to done and press Enter.

11- Next step you will see file system summary we have assigned all to root so here it is showing all partition size to /. If you have configured any other LVM then It will show here. Verify it and press Done.

12- Press tab to select continue and press Enter.

13- Now create a profile for the server by entering your name, server name, username. Scroll to done by tab and press Enter. ( Note this is not the root access but have all SUDO rights)

14- Here setup remote access(via putty). Press the spacebar to select the “Install OpenSSH server” scroll to Done and Enter.

15- Now Ubuntu 20.04 is installing on the server you can see in logs or you can view full logs.

16 – After installation, it will ask for a reboot scroll on Reboot and Enter. I will boot the system to the Ubuntu login page.

Now you have successfully installed Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Server. That’s all. Leave a comment if you like this or you want something more. Thanks !!

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