Why use Linux. 35 Advantage of Linux

Just like windows and mac Linux is an Operating system. Linux is not just a PC or server operating system. Linux used everywhere even in your toaster and calculator. This is up to you where and how you use Linux. Even the first robot on Mars runs on Linux Operating System and Python. The main advantage is Linux is that users can use Linux anywhere with 100% customization.

There are many advantages of Linux. Let’s see the top 35 advantage of Linux which will help you to decide why to use Linux.

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Why use Linux . 35 Advantages of Linux

Here are 35 advantages of Linux and why we use Linux below:

1- Linux is Secure

Actually, there is no any OS 100% secure. Linux is more secure than others. Linux is primarily focused on security by default it blocks almost all outbound and inbound services and user needs to permit to allow anything. The second reason is Linux provides better tools to monitor all your traffic and no bloatware like other OS. So you can easily find the culprit. This is the reason almost all companies use Linux and even programmers use Linux. Linux system does not require any antivirus to secure. This is the important reason why use Linux.

2- Linux is Fast

Linus is very lightweight and uses minimal resources. Linux maximum part is CLI-based. Linux is very fast to execute almost all operations. You will find many comparisons where the same system configuration windows and Linux Linux is the fastest.

3- Linux is Free

Actually, Linux is open-source with a GNU GPL license. This makes Linux free for everyone. Compare to another operating system where we have to pay a huge amount of money. This is the awesome advantage of Linux.

4- Linux is Reliable

Linux is open-source and many giant companies also contribute to it to create a reliable OS that provides better process management, security, and uptime. Linux has proved it throughout the years. Many data center Linux servers have more than 3000 days of uptime. Companies rely on Linux. The advantage of Linux is that you are using the most reliable OS.

5- Linux is Lightweight

As mentioned earlier Linux is very lightweight which takes less space on the hard disk. Even many distributions take only 2 GB HDD and 256 MB RAM to run. You can take advantage of Linux to use on your potato pc.

6- Linux is Flexible

The best Advantage of Linux is flexibility. You can use Linux anywhere PC,Server,embedded system,toaster,calculator,mobile,etc. In cloud, even in docker you can pull Linux required files only in 200MB and run many Linux OS distribution in the same Linux host.

7- High-Performance Computing

Linux is able to handle a large number of users, files, and processes. Linux rarely hangs or slows down. Even you can optimize issues without a reboot. This makes Linux very popular in cloud servers because nobody knows when traffic goes up or down because it all depends on public sentiments.

8- Software Update on User’s Hand

As mention earlier in data center’s server uptime can go more than 3000 days(10 years). Linux OS never forces the user to update the system and the user also aware that Linux is secure. Most times users never update their OS. Other OS force their updates on the user but Linux never does this. This also the main reason why use Linux.

9- Linux has 600+ Distributions

If you are not a good system admin or programmer. Don’t worry Linux has more than 600+ distributions. You can choose from distributions according to your requirements. You can find Linux distributions for every category and level. Only you need to choose from them and definitely, you will get better results than other OS.

For beginners, you can start from Ubuntu, CentOS, or Rocky and Linux mint.

10- Linux has Multiple Desktop GUI

One of the best advantage of Linux that you have multiple desktop options and every desktop has multiple customize options. We can choose at the time of installation which one we have to install it also on the user. If you are a pro user then you can install a new desktop even after OS installation and uninstall the old desktop environment. Lots of options available such as KDE, MATE, GNOME, and Budgie.

Every desktop environment has its own features and user has option to choose what he/she likes.

11- Use from Live DVD/Pen-drive

Almost all Linux OS has a Live DVD and pen-drive version. If you go to recover your PC lost data that guy uses a DVD or pen drive. That is Linux OS Live DVD. If you did not want to leave your previous OS then You can use Linux from Live DVD. Live DVD is useful because you can carry your own OS in your pocket and use it on any PC, laptop server.

Advantage of Linux lightweight and use in pen-drive you can have more distribution in pen-drive and can use from one system.

12- Awesome Tool For Developers

Linux support almost all programming languages c/c++, python, java, ruby, and language setup environment are also easy on Linux. The most important thing 90% chance server which runs developers program has Linux OS.

Programmers find it easy to understand the process on Linux and this makes troubleshooting easy because Linux is focused on process management.

SSH and user management make it so easy for a collaborative project. Make project management so easy. This is the reason programmers prefer Linux over windows.

13- Easy Customization

Linux can be customized more than 90% which makes it most popular among power users. Pro users can customize Linux Os according to their requirements and can optimize their PC or server for maximum utilization. This is not possible for other OS. That why use Linux by Server Admins.

14- 100% Secure Privacy

An advantage of Linux is secure privacy. Like other operating systems Linux never takes private data from users. Even Linux does not care about system information. You can move HDD also from one PC to another.

15- Networking Tool

Over the network, Linux is definitely a leader. Network tools like ssh, telnet, NFS, FTP, and many more. These tools help to set up a remote client setup and a much secure and fast connectivity over the network. This is the reason we can use the internet so fast and secure way.

16- Compatible for all file formats

Linux is compatible with almost every file format and for other filesystems lots of tools available in the repository. The advantage of Linux is that you can browse or edit any file format which is not possible for other OS.

17- Base OS Takes Very Less Space

People ask why to use Linux if their current OS is working fine. Nowadays SSD is more popular but it is very costly even in many laptops it offers only 256 GB. If you use windows minimum of 16 GB required for the Base OS but it takes around 60 GB when we receive a laptop or install windows. This is an advantage of Linux is that it can be installed around 10 GB max. Minimum is 1 GB. So you can save your SSD cost and use the most out of it.

18- Linux Made Programmers Task easy

Linux many distributions provide inbuilt python, ruby, and java. Which makes their task so easy because they can easily customize the whole OS according to their need. Another advantage of Linux for programmers is they can easily export docker image of there program and install on any system with the same environment they have created in their own system. No need to worry about what client system configuration or environment. Just pull the docker image and start the program on their system. That why use Linux makes you smarter.

19- Multiple Option for Installation

Most Linux distributions provide multiple options for installation according to your requirement. Like minimal, with LAMP, with developer tools, and many more. So at the time of installation, you can choose according to your requirement but another OS comes with a default option or you need to take support from their centers. The advantage of Linux is that you have a prior option to choose why to use Linux for what purpose.

20- Almost All Application available which is available for other OS

People always scare to switch OS because they are using some proprietary software like excel, PowerPoint, final cut pro, Photoshop, and other tools. In Linux, you can get the same tool with different names like LibreOffice, SlideLab,kdenlive, gimp, and much more open-source and better tools. The only reason to stick to your OS is your boss wants you to work on the same tools. Otherwise, this is an advantage of Linux is that you can get more options in Linux, and even due to open source you can customize also your tool in your favorite language. So why use Linux if anyone using proprietary software issue has been resolved.

21- Version Control is Very Easy

Linux kernel version control is very easy if anyone using any old application for any reason and kernel upgrade does not provide support to the application. You can easily switch to the old kernel if you have not uninstalled the old one only by a reboot and select the old one. Or you can install the old kernel also for downgrade kernel. The advantage of Linux is that you can keep more than one kernel at a time on OS and switch just reboot and select. That is why use Linux is made easy version control. No need to reinstall after the upgrade.

22- Easy to Change Hardware

An awesome advantage of Linux is that you can just remove the hard disk and insert it into another system or in the server remove all hard disk and raid card and insert it into another server. Linux automatically detects new resources and boot up successfully. Linux will not show you license void issues like mac or windows. Where ever they detect new hardware raises a flag and void your license. That why use Linux to easily upgrade or move your data from one system to another.

23- Job Ready OS

More than 90% of cloud servers are running on Linux OS. Web designers and web hosting companies are mostly using Linux to host websites and designs. In 2021 there are lots of scope in web designing and hosting companies. Most are using Linux in their environment.

For another proprietary OS like windows have a different OS for PC users and server OS. For example windows10 for PC and Windows 2016 and 2019 for server. Even you can not install server software and application on a PC.

Here the advantage of Linux is that you can use the same OS on PC, mobile, Server, Toaster, and all tools used by the server can be locally installed on PC. Same working procedure in PC and Servers. You can build your own server also if you have Linux on a PC. So why not use Linux on PC.

As a Linux user, you can explore jobs too, and if you are a tech lover and love to explore things. You can earn by freelancing also on Fiverr and Upwork without any paid training. The advantage of Linux is that you have industry-level OS in your PC without any cost.

24- Same OS for PC and Server

As I mentioned earlier same OS can be installed everywhere. That means if you are working in a startup you can run your server from a PC and whenever you get money can easily shift application from PC to Server. Or set up a testing environment on PC and when its final release, Shift to Server.

25- 90% Cloud on Linux

You are using low cost and fast internet base OS is Linux. There are many more factors also but in the OS field, Linux is playing a major part it. Almost 90% of Cloud is running on Linux OS and Linux kernel-based hypervisors. The reason is already mentioned in the article that Linux is a fast secure and best-performing OS.

26- Trusted By Big Companies

As mention earlier it is used by the cloud so all big companies Like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and NASA also send their first robot on Mars running on Linux OS. Even all these and many giant companies contributed to the Linux kernel build. The Trust level of Linux is 100%.

27- Access By SSH

One of the Import features of Linux is ssh. We have earlier mention this on network and programming tools but this is the best tool of Linux so I have to mention it separately.

SSH – Secure Shell – This the main reason why use Linux for many sysadmins. You can manage the system remotely and one user can take as many ssh connections from putty to perform his multitask.

SSH is a peer-to-peer secure connection and still the most secure remote connection utility.

File transfer and small resource utilization make it best for server administration and managing applications. Even you can see web-hosting companies offer ssh connection in their feature section and if you are sysadmin you already know the usefulness of ssh.

28- Do Not Hang Even 10 Years no Reboot

Like Windows Linus never slow down with time. Even Linux is a file-based system so we can easily manage logs and can clear if it creates any hang issue. Application process management also easy in Linux. This is the reason we can see Linux server uptime of more than 3000 days. This is the main advantage of Linux to use in data centers.

29- File Based OS- Easy Tweak

System Administrators why to use Linux – The main reason is file-based OS. Like windows required drivers and driver files, If any driver corrupt or any supportive file corrupted you can not able to fix the issue. You have to download new files from the OS vendor site.

But In Linux maximum part of the OS and application is based on the files. If you face an issue or want to operate an application with different permission, Just edit files according to requirement and done. Most files easily can be edit only by an inbuilt vi editor.

Edit files required a good understanding of OS and application but in other OS even you have God-level knowledge you can not edit anything ethically.

30- Latest Version Run On Potato PC

This is the best advantage of Linux if you have an old or potato PC and want a decent OS with the latest release and new software. Linux is the best option for it. Installing Linux will give a new life to old PC and EOL servers.

31- Cost Efficient

Cost-efficient is the main reason why use Linux. Here is the reason why Linux is cost-efficient :

  • Linux is open source so free available
  • Linux mostly applications are free and open-source
  • Linux uses less hardware resource

These all made Linux a cost-efficient solution for any individual or company.

32- Easy Penetration Testing

Linux is the only OS that provides you to test data center or security penetration testing tools. Some Linux distributions are delicately created for penetration testing. So this can help vulnerability track in the environment and resolve it.

33- Resource Management Easy

Resource management is one of the best advantage of Linux over other OS. Linux’s main focus on security and resource management. Linux users can easily monitor and manage resource utilization with inbuilt tools. Linux OS supportive application takes less resource so sysadmins easily identify which application using more resource and resolve the issue more accurately.

34-Large Community Support

There is very large community support for Linux Beginners to Advance level. Beautifully documented tutorials from installation to package management, Application installs to troubleshooting, and Linux optimization to resource management. Distribution like Red Hat, Ubuntu has its own tutorial pages and community to support beginners to advance users.

Even some other communities on Reddit and StackOverflow support and answer every question of users.

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35- Build Your Own OS

You can build your own custom OS from Linux kernel or any Linux OS because it is open source with GNU License. Just fork from GitHub and do customization according to your need and publish.


We have covered almost all top points why companies and Linux users prefer Linux over other operating systems. Linus Torvalds creator of Linux developed Linux because he was not happy with his OS and want to buy Unix based system but due to lack of money, he created his own OS which can rectify other OS issues not thousand of people and companies working with him to rectify issue what they face with there current OS. Even if you can contribute in Linux but only useful contributions will take a place in the kernel. So we can say that Linux is created to solve the unsolved issues by proprietary Operating Systems.

Write in comment why you use Linux or which advantage of Linux made you use Linux.

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