How To Open/Extract ISO File in Linux

Extract ISO File

How To Open/Extract ISO File in Linux

In this article, we will see how to open an ISO file and extract or copy data from it.
Here we take an example of the RHEL ISO image in your case it can be different.
make sure the correct permission of iso file because if your user does not have permission to mount then you will get an error message. So as recommended do this as a sudo or root user.

Steps to open/extract ISO File:

Step -1: Create a temporary mount point or you can use /mnt also for this.

#mkdir /isomount
This will create a directory where you can mount ISO 

Step – 2: Mount ISO on the created directory with the below command.

# mount -o loop rhel-server-7.8-x86_64-dvd.iso /isomount
mount -o loop

Step -3: Check directory correctly mounted on Linux OS by below command 

# df -h 
df -h
If you see your mount point here means successfully mounted the iso. 

Step -4: Go to the directory and now you can see data of directory or copy.

# cd /isomount
# ll 
cd and ll command
Here you can see all file which in ISO. 
At this point, you have successfully extracted ISO file and now you can copy and edit files. 
Note: Because this is an iso file so you can not edit anything here you have to copy on another location to edit.
There are many other ways also but the easiest and fast method is this one. You can use tools too and if you know a more simple method comment below.

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